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              About J&D Decor

Who We Are!

We are a small business specializing in the decorative arts that evolved from hobbies and the love for decorative art painting. We desire to share with others who want finished pieces for decor, or want unfinished pieces to do their own decorating. We also offer a variety of painted home decor, and Quilts.

Dina Jacobs is an accomplished Decorative Artist who creates many unique designs on various pieces, consisting of wood, metal, canvas and other medium.  Dina has enjoyed decorative and folk art painting for many years.  She has studied under many well known artists to advance her skills, and paints in oils, acrylics and water color. Dina is a member of the international organization, the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP), as well as local painting chapters.  She is a member of the Fuquay-Varina Arts Council.

Woodcrafter John Jacobs designs and custom makes items of wood, both for Dina to paint and for sale unfinished.  John is a retired telecommunications engineer who started woodworking as a hobby, initially to provide items for Dina to paint.  

What We Do: We design and craft unique wood pieces for the Decorative Artist.  These may be ordered in quantity to have for teaching classes. We will do custom woodworking to your specifications.

We sell decor items already beautifully designed, decorated and painted.  These items may be of wood, metal, canvas, glass or other medium. We will do custom design and finishing to your specifications.

We design, create and sell Quilts and scarfs.

 We teach Decorative Art Painting to all ages.  

John also does Landscaping!